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Variety coins of Uzbekistan


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Uzbekistan, a central asian country was under the control of Soviet Union. In 1992 when it declared it's independence, banknotes first replaced the Soviet ruble. Coins were introduced in 1994. Because Uzbekistan could not strike enough coins - previously all the Soviet coins were struck in Moscow and Leningrad Mint, some Uzbek coins were struck in Pobjoy Mint, UK.


There are three coins which feature the mintmark PM. 20 tiyin coins are the rarest circulated coin - asking price is an insane 200USD which I think it's somewhat ridiculous.








There are also some varieties as well such as the plain and dotted variety






Another variety is the pointed 1 tiyin:


Normal type:



Pointed 1:



These coins were soon placed by som due to inflation but these coins circulated for a short period of time.


The rarest year of Uzbek coins are 1998 especially the 1 som - check your collection to see if you have one.




Interesting challenge if you are after modern rarity and varieties.

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