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Some unidentified coins


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I have been going through an old box of coins from my grandfather for a couple months. Most of the coins in the box were souvenirs he picked up while touring the world after the Korean War, or in his travels afterward. Most weren't terribly difficult to ID, some were darn near impossible, and a few have me stumped. I'm still working on getting them all imaged, but here's a few until then:


Coin 1: I'm thinking Japanese, probably early 20th century




Coin 2: Middle eastern; beyond that I don't know. Date is 1293, which would put it at ca. 1876




Coin 3: Again, middle eastern. Date is 1340, which puts it at ca. 1921. Horrible condition.




More images coming as I image them. Until then, anybody recognize these coins?

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#1. China 1914 1 jiao. Nice piece.

#2. Most likely 5 qirsh from Egypt. I don't have a book handy.

#3. Seen this before, but don't remember it exactly. I'd guess Morocco.


#2 is a 5/10 Qirsh (½) Accession date AH1293 issued in yr 24 so AH1317 (1899)

#3 is a Morocco 5 Centimes or Mazunas AH1340 (1921)

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The first is a "YSK Dollar" with the image of Yuan Shikai (Wikipedia here).


He as the Tallyrand of Chinese politics, working for three different governments in succession and actually himself serving as president. Yuan Shikai silver dollars are the most common of all Chinese crowns. Among the well-known “YSK” fakes may be half a million struck in the U.S.S.R. to ransom Comintern agent Mikhail Borodin.

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No Japanese coin has ever portrayed the bust of an individual; and only the Heisei 2 (1990) Osaka International Garden and Greenery Expo 5000 yen commemorative has included the bust of a mythical/allegorical figure:





Very interesting. I'd not heard this before.

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The type was also used for the one and two jiao (dime / double dime) coins. This one is a dime.


Thanks for making me a better numismatist.

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