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help with age of Poland/Lithuania period coin


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I need help ;) as to age to this coin, my friend told me this is from Poland/Lithuania period , somewhere 1600-1650, i am not sure

I can not find any sources as to polish coins, will be really appreciate if someone can tell me, but now i am trying to identify these 3 coins.


This is best picture i have:






Thank you :ninja:

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Sorry but I can't help you. I don't know the dimension for those coins. Any why all 3 are from same type and I think are 3 solidi coins, the solidus coin should be smaller. You cand find them on Krause 1700-1800 at number km 147.1 and km 147.2. I have check other 2 polish catalogue but they don't give dimension for those coins; only pictures with them. If I find others informations I'll post heare.

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