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Interesting China Chinan Bank 10 Million Yuan Cashier's Check


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Chinan Bank Emergency Circulating Cashiers Check

10,000,000 Yuan, 1943


This is an interesting Cashier's check issued in Communist controlled area of Chi Nan.


Front shows print date 1943, issue date January 1945, and expiration date December 1945.


Back shows Usage Instruction:

1. For ease of commercial transactions, this cashier's check is usable within Chi Nan area.

2. This cashier's check is exchangeable for cash within Chi Nan area.

3. In order to prevent counterfeiting, each transfer of the check has to be dated, signed and witnessed at the space provided on the back.

4. Voided if damaged beyond recognition of real or fake or it's value.

5. Not responsible for loss

6. Voided after expiration date



The bank is listed in SCWPM Vol. 1, Specialized Edition under China Communist Banks, Chinan

The 2000 Yuan is the highest denomination shown

Anybody know the value of this note?

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Well, this note cannot be real! Such a note was never issued!


I have been collecting Chinese notes for nearly 50 years now, and I think I have most of the literature about this subject.

I have a book "ji nan yin hang" issued in 2 volumes by the Hebei Branch of the Renmin Yinhang, which on 1128 pages deals with the history of this bank.

Page 180 and following pages deal with the issue of the "ben piao" or "circulating bearer checks" how they are sometimes called in English.


Only "ben piao" notes over 200, 500, and 1000 yuan were ever issued.

They were issued in three instalments,

in the first instalment the following "ben piao" notes were issued:

200 yuan notes: 2000 pcs. = 400.000 yuan

500 yuan notes: 400 pcs. = 200.000 yuan

1000 yuan notes: none


2nd instalment:

200 yuan notes: 2750 pcs. = 550.000 yuan

500 yuan notes: 1400 pcs. = 700.000 yuan

1000 yuan notes: 150 pcs. = 150.000 yuan


3rd instalment:

200 yuan notes: 3000 pcs. = 600.000 yuan

500 yuan notes: 1300 pcs. = 650.000 yuan

1000 yuan notes: 250 pcs. = 250.000 yuan


So, all "pen piao" notes issued by the Jinan Bank (or "Bank of Chinan") amount to 3.500.000 yuan only!



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