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Russian banknotes problem


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The 3 Rouble note appears to be a city currency, issued by "Kerchensk..." a city that sounds like that lol.


The 20 note is actually 20 Hryven, it's of Ukrainian origin, that's all I know. I'm sure Ukrainian collectors here will be able to tell you more.


The 500 Rouble note is one I haven't seen before, but it looks like an early Soviet one from 1922. I'm personally only familiar with the 1921 500 Roubles, which is the same shape and size, so that should just be a 1922 issue of that 500 Rouble note.


The 10 kopek one (tiny one) is a bit of a mystery to me. It's 10 Kopeks, but the writing on the back is too tiny in the photo. Better pic maybe? It looks like 10 kopeks in currency, not a postage stamp, it doesnt say "Pochta" at the top, and the back of these small ones usually says that it's exchangeable for silver coin of the same amount, but that text is too small to read in the photo.

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This was sent to me by a Ukrainian contact:


The upper note - 3 roubles, was issued by the city of Kerch, located at Crimean peninsula

The lower one - 20 hryvnia note, was issued by the city council of Mohyliv-Podilski.


So it's getting solved one at the time.


I found one more in the collection, of which I thought the Pick number (S272) would be right, but that part seems to be deleted in my edition. Could someone check if this was listed before?

Wonder why it got removed. Maybe it is now listed under another country?





Kind regards,



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