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Prototype of the 1898 commemorative ruble


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If you looked at this link, Alexander III copper medal Auction , it seems to be awfully similar to one of the rarest Imperial Russian commemorative ruble coin series, which is here: Alexander III memorial


Appearently this is one of the rarest coins minted as the St. Petersburg mint has no record of how many of these coins were struck and another sad story that the medal die specialist who created both this medal and the coin appearently passed away after working on this die as his final works.


Quite a tragedic story. Nevertheless, if I am not wrong, there is also a silver type and a GOLD type (rumor?) of the medal available, but those are insane hard to find. I heard someone that spent 5 years just looking for the silver medal but as it was too expensive, he had to sell his copper medal off... that was a story some time ago that I heard...

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