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Need help on holders for Currency


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I have some nice mylar holders that I purchased online but for the life of me I cannot remember where.


{checking online supply places right now}


I think it was Tradewinds.com. I get all my Dansco stuff from them. They seem to have the best prices around on the albums and pages.


Tradewinds Supplies

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If you have a collection of notes like mine where the sizes of notes ranges from 1" by 1" to like 12" by 5", my suggestion is get a regular 3 ring binder and buy the BCW pages for it. The BCW pages come either in 3-pocket, 2-pocket, or 4-pocket, and then if you need to sotre the massive notes just get regular PVC-free storage pages for regular 8"x11" sheets that you could technically call "1 pocket", they come in packs of 25 for around $3-4 in my area. I have all the notes in a variety of pocket-number sheets, all same sized sheets, all in the same binder and it both looks great and is not an organizational nightmare. If you need to pick and choose sizes, and only need a small number of each size at a time, look on ebay, there are sellers that sell 5 sheets or 10 sheets of all those sizes for roughly $4-8 a set.


And best thing is, if you ever get the urge to start collecting coins (like I did), there are also sheets for regular binders that have between 10 and 20 pockets per sheet for coins :ninja:

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