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How to recognize a spammer

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I usually delete these accounts when I see them, but I thought I'd post this for the mods reference.


Here is an example of a spammer account:




1. The post is generic. It does not contain any reference to CP topics.

2. OmniCoin and BanknoteBank links contain a username and country links. This is also generic info that other forums require.


I think these two indicators will help us weed out spammers (of this variety anyway). :ninja:

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Another give away is any new user who has a name trying to convey authority in the forum. Some of the recently banned spammers from the group I mod. AdministrationTeam , BestForumTeam , ForumsAdministrator , ForumTeamSupports , LadyXAdmin , Lady_Admin , trueLadyAdmin , ModerAdmin.

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OK but the userid is still active. Has this user actually done anything wrong or is he/she just waiting for their time to strike?

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