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Japanese war bond

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I found this in my grandfather's war album with some US/Filipino and Japanese currency.


It's a little tough to take a picture of because the two top corners are are stuck to the album page.


I'm curious. Would this be worth anything?









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Really? Someone else told me it was a war bond and gave me this link with a page that looks similar to this one.






I also found this site with the exact same page on it (2nd from last one). Says "15 YEN JAPANESE PATRIOTIC SAVINGS BOND"

Only difference in this one is that there is a #2 where the #5 is on mine.


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It could well be both - a bond that also doubled as a lotto ticket.


The first site referenced is the shopping channel type of place for notes and bonds - their prices are usually multiples of actual value.


For example, this note


while featuring an interesting vignette, can be purchased for <=$10 without much difficulty.


Given that they list is at 90, I would guess that 15-20 would be fair value for one in good condition.


Your piece with the damage would then probably be $10 max unless the 5th series happened to be unusually rare. (which is doubtful for any time of wartime bond)

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This is a real war time savings bond. Denomination is 15 Yen, and this is the 5th release (of 21 releases). Release 2 through 7 have all the same so-called battle flag design. The 1st release and later than 7th releases show a quite different design.

The release was "Showa period, 17th year, 10th month" which is Oct. 1942.


These bonds were never used as lottery tivket....



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