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PCI2010 Group 10C.1 Voting


PCI2010 Group 10C.1 Voting  

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    • USA nickel
    • Robert of Anjou Gigliato

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syzygy's USA nickel


Magicians nickel: One side is drilled out and a second 'head' side is shaved down and inserted into the drilled out side. Note the very clear seam.


YeOldeCollector's Robert of Anjou Gigliato


This is a large hammered coin at well over an inch in diameter. Robert of Anjou Gigliato of Avignon mint. The obverse features Robert seated with an orb and sceptre and a lion either side of him.


The reverse features a very ornate cross fleuree with each quarter dominated by a lis. Robert was a very powerful figure in Europe at the time, (1309-1343). He was King of Naples, titularly King of Jerusalem, Count of Provence & Forcalquier, Duke of Calbria and ruler of many other parts of Italy.


The design of this coin, and its size, has really captivated me. So different from its English counterparts. I do believe this to be a contemporary forgery. I understand that such coins were copied in places such as Rhodes and then shipped to the mainland for circulation.


Such a beautiful example of Medieval art which has both numismatic and, due to its brilliant quality forgery, social history as this was contemporaneously made to be circulated as a genuine example alongside genuine pieces.

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