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1917 Canadian Cent - Real Or fake

Art Salmons

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I bought this coin off of Ebay from a seller in Hong Kong and when it arrived it's beautiful and looks just like it came off the mint presses yesterday. I can't tell if it's real or fake but it's beautiful and I only paid with shipping $12. The coin has full mint lusture and is full Red.


What do you think????


I went back and checked the auction and actually I miss spoke as the coin was shipped from Kleinbettingen, Luxembourg and the seller was camille.jos and he has 3932 positive feed backs and I'm embarrassed because now I'm sure it's real and looking at the auction today I paid $0.99 for the item and $9.00 shipping. It's one of my better buys for sure and I bought it sometime ago and I thought it was from Hong Kong but it wasn't. :ninja:




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As penence you should immediately place that coin in a padded envelope and send it to me. I will remove it from it's little cardboard prison and let it play with my other Canadian Large Cents.

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It looks nice in the photo(s).

My Trends is saying in EF-20 its worth about $3 Canadian.

If it is in uncirculated MS condition its definately worth a lot more, but even the very best examples of that coin in that year are valued at $850.00 which is MS-65R... & to get that it would literally have to pop out of the press & into proper storage ASAP.


But it is a very nice example, & you scored (IMO) a great deal.

Oh , my Charlton Standard Canadian Coin book says fresh minted , it weighs 5.67 grams & diameter is 25.4mm

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Here is a 1915 cent I bought at an auction in the 70's. This was way before the Chinese considered making fakes. Somehow I get the feeling that if you are going to counterfeit penny you would print a seriously valuable coin.


BTW I am going to be putting this one up on Ebay this Sunday night, June 18.



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