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PCI2010 Group 3D.2 Voting


PCI2010 Group 3D.2 Voting  

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    • Scotland James VI Gold Noble of 1588
    • France; Ecu D'or au Dauphine Francois I 1e (1515-1547)

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Saor Alba's Scotland, James VI(1567-1625) Gold Noble of 1588


This piece is an extremely rare and one year type. The coin was worth eleven merks or 146 shillings and 8 pence. Curiously the design is a throwback to earlier English nobles of the 14th century. These pieces were not popular, and were called in and quickly replaced by the sixth coinage. the legend around the periphery of the obverse of the coin is IACOBUS 6 DEI GRATIA REX SCOTORUM or James 6 by the grace of God, King of Scots. The legend on the reverse FLORENT SCEPTRA PIIS REGNA HIS IVOA DAT NUMERATQUE or "Sceptres flourish with the pious, Jehovah gives them the kingdoms and numbers them".


hussulo's France; Ecu D'or au Dauphine Francois I 1e (1515-1547)


France; Ecu D'or au Dauphine Francois I 1e (1515-1547)

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