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Possible FAKE Netherlands 14G Gold Rider on eBay


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I know that a few of us here are fans of nice European gold restrikes from the 1960's, and wanted to alert these people to a possible FAKE Netherlands 14G Gold Rider currently on eBay.


Here is the eBay link.....




I bought this coin from the seller last year at about this time. I sent it to NGC with a few other coins and it came back body-bagged on 3/17/09 as NOT GENUINE.


When I tried to politely return the counterfeit coin the seller JANDBCOINS refused to offer a refund and it took Paypal's assistance and over a month to make him.


It would appear as though he waited a year and now has relisted the fake Gold Rider with some gold bullion.


Here are my scans.....




Here is a real 1960 restrike from my collection for comparison.





I realize the photos are smaller but wanted to get this out before the auction closes in two days and someone gets taken. The only difference that I can spot is the lion in the shield on the knight side. On the counterfeit it has a certain cartoonish quality that is just not right.


I own an original 1750 and 1760 14G Gold Rider and while more expensive than the restrikes they actually seem to be more plentiful. The 14G restrikes never seem to be available, even with gold at record levels. I only have one.


It is entirely possible that JANDBCOINS actually is offering a genuine Rider. Perhaps this is just a wild coincidence. If so I apologize in advance. I just wanted to point out that if you are planning on bidding on this lot (even as bullion) you may well be disappointed.


At the very least be aware that there are counterfeit Netherlands gold coins being offered on eBay that are not genuine. NGC has saved me on three separate occasions. Think twice about buying uncertified Dutch gold on eBay. BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!

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It wasn't made in 1750 - it's too perfect.


The restrikes were made in 1960, however this is a counterfeit and was probably made within the last few years.


If I find the time I'll post photos of a real 1750 and 1760 Gold Rider as they are quite different.

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