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Jefferson Nickel 2006-


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Jefferson Nickel 2006-

Return to Monticello



Coin from Art's Collection



Return to Monticello" Nickel

Name of obverse: "Jefferson, 1800"

Name of reverse: "Monticello"

Obverse: bears a new image of President Thomas Jefferson based on the Rembrandt Peale painting of 1800

Reverse: restored 1938 design of President Jefferson's Virginia home of Monticello

Obverse Designer: Jamie Franki

Reverse Designer: Felix Schlag

Obverse Engraver: Donna Weaver

Reverse Engraver: Felix Schlag



Diameter: 21.2 millimeters

Weight: 5 grams

Composition: .750 copper, .250 nickel (1938-42, 1946-)

.560 copper, .350 silver, .090 manganese (1942-45)

Edge: Plain


Information courtesy of www.usmint.gov

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