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PCI2010 Group 4E.1 Voting


PCI2010 Group 4E.1 Voting  

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    • 1800 ¼ Kreutzer, Austria
    • 1728 sixpence

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elverno's 1800 ¼ Kreutzer, Austria


The Austro-Hungarian Empire stretched across most of Europe during the Napoleonic era. This was one of the tiniest coins produced and is seldom found in this condition. Because the average person was paid in copper, fractional coins such as this allowed someone to buy a meal or some bread without carrying a tempting amount of money around. The fractional copper is almost always found nearly smooth as a result.


ScottO's 1728 sixpence


ahh the 18th centry silver of great britain, in my view are quite eye catching even this grade.

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