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PCI2010 Group 4C.1 Voting


PCI2010 Group 4C.1 Voting  

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    • 1799 ½ Scudo, Piedmont Republic
    • 1714 British Half Guinea

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elverno's 1799 ½ Scudo, Piedmont Republic


The Piedmont Republic lasted slightly over 6 months. At the time republics were formed and gone in a drop of the hat and this is one of them. The republic managed to produce a limited amount of coinage before being swallowed into the Subalpine Republic in 1800. There is a short article in Wiki concerning this coinage. While the published mintage for this piece is 300k an expert in Italian coinage once wrote me that the silver coinage of the republic was found on the floor of the mint, swept up, melted and turned into new coinage. There had been a limited release as well as some looting and the actual mintage is probably less than 10k.


Sylvester's 1714 British Half Guinea


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