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how much this might be


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Is this a Buy-it-Now on ebay?


Pick catalog puts it at anywhere between $30 and $50, but I'm not sure it's that much in reality...The reason I'm asking is because it's better to bid on these types of coins rather than buy them at the price the seller sets. That's been my experience, at least. Several auctions of these Soviet coins actually ended recently and each coin went for anywhere between $15 and $35 or so.







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A shameless plug for one I have that I will let you:




It is now a second to a PL example I just bought and got. It is nicer than the one in the auction and you can contact me via PM if you are interested in it. I am going to want more than $25, but it is a much nicer piece.

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Here is the same specimen on KOHPOC, listed as UNC/AU; IMO not sure the KOHPOC specimen is that high of a grade.


It is priced at 2000 руб or about $65 USD.



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