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Military Payment Certificates, A Comprehensive Catalog


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Military Payment Certificates, A Comprehensive Catalog


Fred Schwan




1997 Edition

BNR Press

Port Clinton, Ohio 43452


Written over a period of years this is the 1997 Edition of a book that was first issued in 1981. The book presents the history of the Military Payment Certificate and a number of associated US Military financial items such as gas coupons, MPC Coupons, Military Money Orders, etc. Mr. Schwan has been associated with MPCs since his duty days with the US Military. Because of his background, he is able to present the MPCs not only as interesting pieces of art and valuable collectibles, but also as utilitarian pieces of currency designed to aid the military's war on the black market. His descriptions of "C" days are enjoyable and new news to many non-military collectors. I'm sure they were not nearly so interesting to those involved.


Checklists for the MPC series are presented on the inside front and rear of the book. Inside details of each series of notes with front and rear photographs are presented. Information about the years of printing, issue, and withdrawal are presented. I had never known about the MPC replacement notes before reading this book. The design for each series is discussed along with information about the sources of the vignettes that have been used.


I'd say this is a "must have" book for anyone who is seriously considering a collection of MPCs.


Here's a trivia piece for you. Did you know that the US Issued a series of notes containing a portrait of a Korean Admiral?

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No, I did not know that. Its a very intimidating area to collect. Are you considering starting a collection?



I have been considering it. I have a few MPCs and think they're interesting. They are a very difficult collection. There are certain series that are easier than others and if you're willing to go with well circulated notes a lot can be done without going totally broke. But I'm not sure that I have room for another collection right now.


I did purchase a Series 692 $1.00 note because I wanted to have it for the Pablo vignette on the back.

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Intimidating? Actually they are some of the last attractive issues ever printed by the BEP:





That's a beautiful note.

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