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is this german?


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My wild guess is a jeton from Nuremberg, also called rechenpfennig. I assume it is from the 1450s. Made of Bronze or Billion, diameter is about 24-26mm. Legend can be fictious. On your coin it can be hardly read. On reverse I see "LEO GERA". Ger has nothing to do with Germany as at that time it was not existed. There is a city in Thüringia called GERA, which has not issued coins, so probably the word contiues on, if has a meaning at all. LEO can be an abbreviation of Leonhard, Leopold, or anything else. Coin can be German and French alike.


I hope it helps.

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Made of . . . Billion
What a difference one letter can make.
  • "Billon" is a metallic alloy - bronze or copper with a very low silver or mercury content.
  • "Billion" is a number - either one thousand million or one million million, depending on whether you speak American English or English English.

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