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hello - thanks

Sorry but this might seem a little silly to ask but i

was counting my change the other day and found a

1 pence peice which if possible any one could help me out with what it

is as never seen one like it before and would like some info

i cant take pic at moment so will describe


one one side it says:

1 new penny round top

a bird in middle

1971 below

other side:

has three lions badgenks in adnce

with some latin around edge - hard to read it


any help?

thanks in advance


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It's a penny of Guernsey.


Assuming it reads New 1 Penny with a gannet below and then 1971 at the very base.


On the other side it should read S.BALLIVIE INSVLE DEGERNEREVE with three passant lions in a shield.



Like this:



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The value of these (if pulled from circulation) is more than likely face value i.e. 1p.


If it was as new, no wear, full lustre (like a new 2010 penny), then maybe about 50p?


Decimal coins just don't really have much of a following, even more the case I should think with Channel Islands coinages.

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