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Help me, please!

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Good day!

Tell me please what is a real price of this US note.

Photos are here

Thank you for your answers.

Aww,I wish I could help but I don't know the 1st thing about those,I only do Lincoln Cent's,but I saw you'd posted and hadn't had a reply yet so just wanted to tell you someone for sure will know,most are working or multitasking but as soon as they get in they'll help!!

Don't tell them I said it,but they're pretty smart....LoL

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The large sized $2 bill is from the 1917 series. The signatures would indicate that it was issued just prior to the beginning of the small sized notes [of the size we are all familiar with] in 1929. I'd say that the condition of the large $2 makes it worth around $30 to $40 retail, less to a dealer. It is in fairly rough shape. The other US issues are only worth face value.


JMHO and US $0.02 worth



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