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2006 International Classic Cars 5 Coin Silver Proof Set


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Hello everyone,


If you know anyone interested in the 2006 International Classic Cars 5 Coin Silver Proof Set I am selling them on eBay for $350.00 start. I am donating the gross proceeds of the sale to the Hopital Albert Schweitzer in Haiti, an organization that has worked in Haiti for over 50 years and thus is able to help with longterm rebuilding of the country (please see their blog at http://www.hashaiti.org for daily updates). I will make the donation in your name and email you the receipt for your records (you'll need to trust me on this but I'm an old fashioned my-word-is-my-bond kind of person). Byron King also likes this charity, I guess because he's from Pittsburg and knows members of the Mellon family (Larry Mellon started HAS with part of his Mellon fortune, and lived and worked at HAS for many years with his wife Gwen. The current director is Ian Rawson, Gwen's son).


Thank you,


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