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Are these Japanese coins?


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My Grandfather was in the 873rd Engineering Aviation Battalion in the pacific during WWII. I found these in an envelope along with many other coins. I'm guessing these are Japanese coins he picked up while he was there? I also have paper money as well, but I have to dig the photo album with his war pictures out of the attic to get those :ninja:


Can anyone tell me anything about them? Like what the symbols mean or if they'd have any value?


1.) This one is made out of a really light metal.





















4.) And this one is a US/Filipino coin. Clearly not Japanese, but still interesting. ;)




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1. Japan, 10 sen, aluminium, [showa/hirohito yr 18 = 1943]

2. Japan, 100 yen, .600 silver, [showa/hirohito yr 41 = 1966]

3. Japan, 5 sen, copper-nickel [Taisho yr 9 = 1920]

4. Phillipines, 50 cents, .750 silver, 1944S


All three are relatively common. The Phillipines coin was struck at San Fran. The 100 yen coin is still technically current AFAIK, and I believe that 1966 was the last year they were struck in silver.

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