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I am a new member. I am from Poland.

I have a question.

What it is a coin?


On the coin is writing D.G 1610..


Please about identificate .. Depend me on identification first coin.











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Perhaps someone who has info on the coins will be along. Your photos are very dark and it's hard to make out any details on the coins. Anyway welcome to CoinPeople.

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Hi there. I think this coin is a copper dinero of Philip III from Valencia, Spain, but I'm not 100% sure, as this is not my area of expertise. If you speak Spanish, you might try some Spanish language forums that have a lot of members that collect these types. I can write a little Spanish, so if you need help translating, just ask and I'll try my best.

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Well it's not Valencia, the one in Krause for that date doesn't look anything like. The reverse is upside down (first coin) in the image, and has something that look a bit like a plant with a cross at the top, date top left, letters top right. It culd be a cob? In which case, it's not going to be in Krause.

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My 17th century Krause didn't have a picture of this issue, so I looked it up online and found this:




The person is asking for it to be identified, and the post identifies it as a dinero from Valencia. I know it's not identical, but it seems pretty close. It's always possible that mrealm's coin is a contemporary counterfeit. Whatever it is, though, I'm pretty sure it's Spanish.


mrealm - Please send me a private message with what you want to know in Spanish, and I can do my best to translate. Like I said before, my Spanish grammar is not great, but I should be able to write something that's pretty understandable.

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