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PCI2010 Group 2.E Voting


PCI2010 Group 2.E Voting  

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    • Edward III Gold Quarter Noble
    • 1148-96 hungarian denier

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YeOldeCollector's Edward III Gold Quarter Noble


Edward III Quarter Noble of the Transitional Treaty Period with France which secured Calais as a trading post for the English. This coin is made of solid gold and was minted at London mint. The obverse features a decorative shield with fleurs-de-lis in two quarters and heraldic leopards in the other two.


The reverse features radiating limbs with a plethora of heraldic symbols. This really is a piece of art and is something which is a true status symbol when compared to many other coins of the period.


ScottO's - 1148-96 hungarian denier


i'm surprised at this coin, its one of the smallest coins you can find so an amazing surviver and amazing details for something so thin, also slightly lustrous

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