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Mis-struck £1 coin


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Is there any value in mis-struck £1 coins ?

I often get brand new coins in my change from Asda self-scan checkouts. I have had five 2009 £1 coins in the past few days. It's interesting to see the differences - three are very bright silvery gold colour. One is a much deeper gold colour, the other is more of a mixture of the two, lighter colour with a darker lustre.

One of the £1 coins seems mis-struck - the date is completely missing and everything below the R of REG FD. Just sort of a scarred flat surface. On the opposite side the D of POUND is blurred.

My initial thoughts were that the coin was a poor forgery, but facts suggest otherwise - all other coins were brand new (but a little knocked about in the case of the £1 coins) and there ae no other signs of a forgery. Actually non of the pound coins really looks as well defined as the other coins.

Any comments ?

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Don't think there is much response on this one Fiona.


I too would have thought it to be a forgery, if it wasn't for the fact that it came out of an Asda self scan checkout that was only issuing brand new coins.


I'd ask the Royal mint, but past experience shows they can't be bothered replying.


I received a very similar 2p coin 2009 in change this week.

From your picture your £1 looks genuine, forged £1 coins never have a shine on them, they are made to look worn even when brand new.

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Cheers Andy - I was always interested in mis-struck coins when I was a lot younger, in the days when all kinds of interesting stuff could be found in bags of change. Any ideas on any value on mis-strikes, and interested dealers ?


Very little interest really unless it's a spectacular error, for example - a 2p struck on a piece of metal for a 1p, or an off centre £2 coin. Best place as regards dealers is sadly Ebay. To get an idea search for "error coin" though you'll have to avoid the (rather common) undated 20p's!

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miss strikes do fetch a little more.

BUT, i would keep them back 10-20 years once people start listing them in books etc, then you show these and see what the classifiers think.

the problem is mainly the striking since the new coins have come out. the quality has been poor, seen plenty of 2008 weak strike obverse pennies.

this one is my fave


missing dot below queens head

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