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Need: die varieties reference for V nicks


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Hi all,


I'm looking for a die varieties reference for liberty head (V) nickels. Websites, books, anything.


Does anyone know if the following books go into varieties in detail?


- Peters, Gloria and Mohon, Cynthia, The Complete Guide to Shield and Liberty Head Nickels, DLRC Press, Virginia Beach, VA, 1995.

- Wescott, Michael, with Keck, Kendall, The United States Nickel Five-Cent Piece, Bowers and Merena, Wolfeboro, NH, 1991.

- A Guide Book of Shield And Liberty Head Nickels: Complete Source For History, Grading, and Prices by Bowers



Thanks for any constructive input!



Mr. TheDeadPoint

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Ha. Mark, I found that at about the same time you posted it:



It's a better resource than nothing but I'd like to find something as exhaustive as the Flynn book on Barber Dimes. I'll wait a few days to see if anyone has comments about the above books before I set my money down.

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Cheerypickers? But that probably only goes into major stuff.


That's my thought. I'm looking for any variety, even minor ones, that make a coin special.

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