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Hello from Belgium!!

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Hi everyone!



My name is David and I am living close to Brussels in Belgium... (actually, everything is close to Brussels in Belgium ;) )


I am brand new in coin collecting but I am quite interested in ancient coin... I actually have no idea if these coins are the most expensive... I do not want to spend my money all at once for one coin... (at least not at the beginning)... So I will have to figure out how to organize myself in the buying process...


Seems that I can get lots of good info in this forum...



If anyone has any advice... ;):ninja:




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Hello David and welcome to CoinPeople. We have quite a few folks who collect Ancients so you should get some good pointers here. Take a look at our Popular Coin Idol 2010 (PCI2010) competition. Group 1 - Ancients is active right now. As a member you can vote and comment but you will also get to see some great coins and read other's comments about them.

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Welcome David !


If you collect ancients try to find your personal balance by visiting as much dealers, shows and sales as you can.

Interesting, low value but affordable stuff will be in bargain lots and so called "junk boxes". More beautiful, expensive and valuable material is available nearly everywhere.

Start with the cheap material but save a certain percentage of your budget for the better material.

After a while you will find your own way and collecting focus(es).



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