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Is this a coin?


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Hard to tell from the picture they use in the Krause I have, but it looks like a KM 141 (? maybe 161 or 161a) Para AH 1223 (1807) Ottoman Ruler Mustafa IV. The 141 was 17 mm, 161 15 mm, and the 161a was 15-17 mm (All 3 coins were from the same year.)

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Thanks for your comments!


Under the magnifying glass the date looks like 1222 so ‘Ruler Mustafa IV’ is certainly a good idea.

But one thing makes me a bit confused. If 1222 is the accession date (at the bottom) and the regnal year is 78 (at the top), this could not be the Mustafa guy. He ruled only two years. Maybe it is not from Egypt or some kind of restrike?


By the way - weight of the coin is 0.9 g, diameter 19 mm.

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The reignal date looks like Y/\ which makes no sense. 78 (also non-sensical) in Eastern Arabic would be \//\


I'm thinking that it's an early/mid 20th century belly dancer costume "coin" made to look like an issue of Mahmud II.

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