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Oh my, what idiot seller.


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Now this can't be the most idiotic thing I have ever seen. But you know, it can happen. It is on a Russian auction site so you don't need to worry but least, I found it really silly.


I believe this is the real seller offering his coin here: Link 1


and some retarded seller who can't be that clever enough, but to use the exact same photo on the same auction site. Link 2 :ninja:


I give him a negative 5 out of 5 for that ;)

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One year ago I was very surprised to see into an auction on www.okazii.ro (the romanian version of molotok.ru) one of my coins... Actually the pictures of my coin, picked up from my site and put as explicit description of that seller. I contacted him, but he refuse to remove the pic. Then, I have sent an email to the admins of the auction site, they compared my site with that pictures and the result was that the fraudulent seller was banned from okazii.ro...

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