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1921 Morgan

Mr B

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Need better pictures to tell. It looks like it has luster but a fair amount of wear in the high au range? Suggest using two light sources or bring it outside in the sunlight and trying another picture. I really should not say much I do the same thing.




Yep, that was supposed to be silver colored aluminum. :ninja:

I did finally get another light again for taking my pics though.

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Thanks guys , ill dig out a better one and take Marks tip on going outdoors for a photo.You were right about the original luster on this Mark,these have been in a safe for at least 50 years that i know of.


Sometimes you will get that color cast from having a white balance that does not match the temperature of your lighting. From the data embeded in the photo, it looks like you are using a powershot A530 on auto white balance - that's usually ok and will work well if you have more appropriate lighting (like outdoors).


I did some comparisons in a post a long time ago LINK although some of the pics look dead.


Also, you can do some corrections in software (see below), but it's nice to not have to mess with it.



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