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What is this?


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Has anyone ever seen anything liked this?




Who shaved Nicky!?


The seller says "THIS IS NOT A COUNTERFIT".

It may, however, be a counterfeit :ninja:


Also, despite the guarantees, no returns accepted.

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A second one?




If you check the seller's feedback the winner of the previous auction for this object posted a positive feedback: "Now I'm rich


Jan-20-10 12:55

1899 RUSSIA 10 ROUBLE (PATTERN) VERY RARE (#220534715879) US $56.00 "


It looks like this same buyer has purchased quite a few items from this seller previously. Some of the silver 10 and 15 roubles that to me do not appear to be fakes, went really cheap although some of them do look like they have been cleaned, and in spite of the fact that they were all described as "Rare", certainly weren't.

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LOL funny you should post the link to this auction, I saw this a few days ago and was thinking the same thing - what in the world is this?


Whatever it is, in my opinion it's just plain BAD. Ugly portrait, crude. A shaved nicky is no good lol And $56 is definitely not worth this.

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