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Interesting question in contrast to coins. I have 93 books and monographs dedicated to token in my library (out of a total of 328 numismatic references). This is hardly adequate to cover everything I collect or study. I have all copies of the TAMS Journal with about a 10 year early gap. I supplement what I need with the ANA Library and the TAMS Library. If you start with a minimum of 50 states in a US token catalog library, my 93 is clearly inadequate as a general library. Add in medals such as the California mission series and books do one little good. One site for trade tokens referenced in other posts here is:


Richard's Token Database


other good starting sites include:


So-Called Dollars

Karl Goetz

Napolean Medals and more

German medals

Collecting US tokens with reference list.

California Gold Tokens

Condor Tokens


There are many more, but this is the briefest of starts/

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That's interesting Bill. I've never really studied medals or tokens. So there's no "definitive" reference work akin to a Red Book. I guess this would not be possible because it's such a broad field. Thanks for the links. I'm going to spend a little time checking each one out.

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