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Here are the coin designs to be released this year in the U.S: http://www.coinnews.net/2009/12/30/united-...mint-coins-2010


What do you think?


Personally, i'm looking forward to the cent and Sac reverse designs. I'm "meh" about the quarter designs.

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They're pretty nice. I think the cent and the SAC will be big improvements over the older designs. The quarters look nice on paper but I'm not sure how well the designs will transfer to coins. Hot Springs I like designs 1 & 3. The others not so much.

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Agreed , its clearly a female. :ninja:



The obverse design depicts a Cub Scout in the foreground with a Boy Scout and female Venturer in the background saluting. Inscriptions are CONTINUING THE JOURNEY, 1910, 2010, IN GOD WE TRUST and LIBERTY.


The design, according to the US Mint, "represents the Boy Scouts of America of today, as the organization has recognized the need to include other programs for younger boys (cub scouts) and older boys and girls (venturers), reflecting the great diversity of our nation. It is a dramatic representation of how the Boy Scouts of America has evolved over the past century to form a strong foundation of leadership, service, and community for all the youth of America."


It was designed by Artistic Infusion Program Master Designer Donna Weaver and engraved by US Mint Sculptor-Engraver Charles Vickers.



Designed by a woman would seem to explain it ;)

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From wikipedia:


"In the United States, the Cub Scout and Boy Scout programs of the BSA are for boys only; however, for youths age 14 and older, Venturing is co-educational. The Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) is an independent organization for girls and young women only. Adult leadership positions in the BSA and GSUSA are open to both men and women"


"Venturing is part of the program of the Boy Scouts of America for young adults, men and women, from the age of 14 through 21."

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I like the new cent reverse. I liked the slightly more ornate shield design a little better, but that was probably too much to fit on such a small coin. But it's good to see classical design principles making a comeback.


Wonder what they're going to change it to in 2059. XD


The commemorative scouting issue, I have no opinion on since commemoratives aren't one of my itches and I have issues with BSofA.


Not many of the National Park designs do anything for me, although a couple of the proposed Grand Canyon designs are really nice. And I really like the idea of putting Teddy Roosevelt on the quarters for the run of the National Parks series. Especially if you bump George to the dollar coin permanently and eliminate the dollar bill -- you can even use the same portrait as on the dollar bill for the dollar coin for that sense of continuity. Then the Sacagawea/Native American series can go on a new $2 coin.

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