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PCI2010 Group 9 - Exonumia: Submissions


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Don't forget the format.


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This thread will close either when there are 100 entries or on 20th January at 5PM.

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Here is a medal from the Louisiana Purchase Centennial Exposition in St Louis in 1904:


Louisiana Purchase Medal - 1904


This is the bronze medal from the expo and has the original box and paperwork. This medal was designed by Adolph Weinman who would go on to design the Walking Liberty Half Dollar. This medal was minted by the Philadelphia mint.

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hussulo, 1928 Von Hindenburg, proof gold medal, Germany ;Group 9: Exonumia



1928 Von Hindenburg, Germany, proof gold medal.




Mint Year: 1928

Condition: Proof

Engraver: J. Bernhart.

Reference: Bruce: X6.

Material: Gold (.750) ASW 0.171 Oz

Diameter: 23mm

Weight: 6.48gm

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elverno;1812 Loge de l'ardente amitié de Rouen, France.;Group 9: Exonumia



All Masonic medals from the Napoleonic era qualify as RR+. This one hails from the collection of Prince Victor Napoleon, sometimes known as Napoleon V to supporters. His collection came in part from Napoleon I's personal collection but there's no indication in this pieces' provenance as to when and where to came into his collection.


Marvin's book on Masonic medals describes it as follows:


"Obverse, On the left, an altar surrounded by a garland, and having on it three burning hearts. At the foot of the altar are the square, compasses, level, and plumb. Above, on the right, a radiant triangle. In exergue, ARDENTE AMITIE O.-. DE ROUEN. in two lines.

Reverse, A leafless tree, over which an ivy vine has grown. Legend, LA MORT MEME NE L'EN A PAS SEPARE. [Death itself has not separated them.] This is an octagonal jeton, and was probably struck about 1812. Silver. Size 20."

His sizes were in sixteenths of an inch.

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costanius; JOHN TRUMBULL AMERICAN ART-UNION 1849; Group 9: Exonumia




JOHN TRUMBULL AMERICAN ART-UNION 1849. Bronze 65mm by Charles Cushing Wright (1796-1854) modeled from a portrait by Robert Ball Hughes (1806-1868). This was the 3rd & last medal in the First American Medal Series to be struck in America by the U.S. Mint. The medals were designed by Peter Paul Duggan (c1800-1861).


Being issued as part of a lottery the anti-lottery laws put an end to this series of medals, which, judging by the artistry of this medal is a shame.

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Mark Stilson - Drop Hammer minted medallion - Exonumia




This Medallion is minted by a drop hammer. Face is the "Greenman" and reverse is an Celtic cross. The Celtic cross show signs of a clashed die. Minted in .925 silver.

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elverno;1809 Loge des Sept Ecossais réunis, France.;Group 9: Exonumia



Another rare Masonic medal from the collection of Prince Victor Napoleon, known as Napoleon V.

It is described as follows:

"Obverse, Within a ring formed by a serpent, having its tail in its mouth, a cross patee gules, surmounted by a smaller cross bottone argent. Legend, SEPT ECOSSAIS REUNIS O.*. DE PARIS.

Reverse, The square and compasses, enclosing a star of seven points bearing the letter G. Between the points are flames ; around the star are figures in the following order, beginning at the top, under the head of the compasses, 7, 5, 3, 1, 6, 4, 2, which are placed on the inner edge of a glory of sixteen points, surrounding the star, and the rays of which are surmounted by the square and compasses. Legend, LA DOUCE ET CONFIANTE AMITE LES UNIT 5809. [sweet and trusting friendship unites them.J Copper silvered. Size 19. This Lodge was instituted February 4, 1809."


Obviously it was also produced in copper. I bought the better part of Victor Napoleon's Masonic collection from a dealer several years ago. Individual pieces only appear every two or three years. The Reunited Seven Scotsmen produced a beautiful medal.

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Unclebobo-2009 20 Ameros-Group 9, Exonumia





Made of copper and designed by Daniel Carr this coin depicts a nonexistent currency unit from a nonexistent political union

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elverno;1804 L'École des Mines du Mont-Blanc, France.;Group 9: Exonumia



In 1818 Captain Laskey wrote in part about this medal:

"This medal was struck on the establishment of schools for the instruction of students in the art of mining and mineralogy.


There is a modern statue, representing the Apennine mountains, by John de Bologna, at Florence, designated Father Apenninus; it represents the loftiest of the ridge of these mountains, which runs through the middle of Italy, from Liguria to Ariminum and Ancona, and joins the Alps. If standing erect, it proportional height would be about sixty feet. We are not quite certain if this is not the representation of this statue, and depicted here as the hoary headed Mont-Blanc, whose bald summit penetrates the clouds."

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Mark Stilson, 1857 Feuchtwanger one cent Group 9




Feuchtwanger composition one cent ht-268 (61)

Hard times token minted by Lewis Feuchtwanger.

Composed of copper, nickel, zinc, tin and trace metals. (German Silver)

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ikaros; 2006 CSNS convention token; Group 9


Minted on-site by the Gallery Mint in Columbus during the Central States Numismatic Society convention using a hand screw press.


ikaros; Homage to ancient coinage; Group 9


Minted on-site by the Gallery Mint in Columbus during the Central States Numismatic Society convention in 2006; hand-hammered piece

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jtryka, 2009-CC Nevada Norther Railway Silver Medal, Group 9


Medal commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Nevada Northern Railway's 2-8-0 Consolidation locomotive #93, built by the American Locomotive Works (Alco) in 1909. The medal was minted in Carson City, with the original mint equipment and CC mintmark!

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