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PCI2010 Group 8 - NCLT : Submissions


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Don't forget the format.


your id; coin id info; group


omnicoin link



description information (optional but recommended)








This thread will close either when there are 100 entries or on 13th January at 5PM.

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elverno;2001 250 Shillings, Napoleon I, Somalia; Group 8: NCLT



An oddly beautiful coin from what is now a failed state.

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elverno; 2005 10 Yuan, China; Group 8: NCLT



Though it's really bullion of course it does sport a date and value.

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jtryka; 2009 USA $20; Group 8


The 2009 Ultra High Relief Saint-Gaudens double eagle is very similar to the original which was a pattern in 1907, but rather than the normal $20 planchet, it was reduced and struck on 2 $10 planchets stacked on top of each other. The modern rendition has the same diameter to bring up the ultra high relief as Saint-Gaudens indended.

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josemartins; 2 Leva - Anniversary of Nationhood - 1981 (Bulgaria); Group 8 - NCLT



josemartins; 100 Zloty - Polish Millennium - 1966 (Poland); Group 8 - NCLT



josemartins; 2 Kroner - Denmark - 40th Anniversary of reign (Christian IX) -1902 (Denmark) *




*- Maybe not NCLT :ninja: , to remove if not compliant.

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no idea what NCLT is...


scottO - 2002 10 yuan china -group 8




a nice bit of silver :ninja: of course bit of toning on the edges, and i love the way the light reflects on the obverse



NCLT is non-circulating legal tender. Coins made under the authority of a government with a stipulated value but never released for general use.

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