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PCI2010 Group 6 - 1901-2000: Submissions


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Don't forget the format.


your id; coin id info; group


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This thread will close either when there are 100 entries or on 27th January at 5PM.

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Saor Alba PCI2010 Group 6 - 1901-2000: Submissions - Italy 50th Anniversary of the Kingdom of Italy 50 Lire commemorative 1911:


Kingdom of Italy 50 Lire - 1911


This lovely coin was the largest denomination of several commemorative coins issued in 1911 that celebrated the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Kingdom of Italy in 1861. Before the Kingdom of Italy was founded with the King of Sicily as it's ruler, Italy was a patchwork of small feudal states and small kingdoms. This coin commemorates the past, but also the future, with the ocean liner behind the two figures on the reverse of the piece.

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Saor Alba - 1901-2000 - Portugal 4 Centavos 1919


Portugal 4 Centavos 1919


I have a lot of these coins, in fact I have several of them that show the successive breaking down of the die that struck them. This is a decent sized coin, unusual denomination and a stark feminine design that was utilitarian. Unfortunately inflation rendered them worth more in melt than as coins and they did not circulate long because of that. Much of the small change of the era was notgeld.

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jtryka; 1950 Mexico 5-peso railroad commemorative; Group 6


A nice addition to my trains on coins collection!


jtryka; 1910 Mexico Peso Caballito; Group 6


Very pretty classic design!


jtryka; 1921 Mexico 2-peso Commemorative; Group 6


1921 Centennial celebration 2-peso with the famous image of winged victory that has been the subject of modern Mexican silver bullion coins since 1982!

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elverno; 1967 Centennial Quarter, Canada; Group 6 1901-2000



I accidentally caused the toning you see by wrapping it in paper towels and storing it in a plastic box for 30+ years.


elverno; 1960 50 fils, Kuwait; Group 6 1901-2000



It didn't get all that far last time but maybe this time around...


elverno; 1961 1 Franc, West African States; Group 6 1901-2000


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ElleKitty, Australian 1/2 penny 1952, blue-green toned. Group 6



ElleKitty, Australian 3pence, 1910. Group 6



ElleKitty, Japanese 10 sen, Showa year of reign 18 (1944), Group 6


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josemartins; 2.5 Centavos - 1907 (Chile); Group 6 - 1901-2000



josemartins; 1 Gulden - 1909 (Netherlands); Group 6 - 1901-2000



josemartins; 5 Reichsmarks - 1931 A (Germany); Group 6 - 1901-2000


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ikaros; 1963 Canadian 50c; Group 6


Proof-like with heavy frost.


ikaros; 1963 Netherlands Antilles 5c; Group 6


Unusual lozenge shape and detailed scrollwork.


ikaros; 1936 British West Africa 1/10 Penny; Group 6


One of the few Edward VIII issues. No, no portrait.

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Mark Stilson, 1903 Indian head cent, Group 6




Designed by James Barton Longacre, the engraver at the Philadelphia Mint. There was a minor modification by Charles E. Barber in 1886.

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