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PCI2010 Group 1 - Ancients - thru 499AD : Submissions


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Don't forget the format.


your id; coin id info; group


omnicoin link



description information (optional but recommended)








This thread will close either when there are 100 entries or on 13th January at 5PM.

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bill; Ursone As; Group 1




Bronze As of Ursone ca. 50 B.C., Spain. Not the best preserved example, but rare and one of my favorite bears on early coinage.

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syzygy- Constantine I follis, 313, Group 1 Ancients



Constantine I - OBV: IMP C CONSTANTINVS PF AVG, laureate, draped and cuirassed, facing right REV: IOVI CONSERVATORI AVGG NN, Jupiter, standing with a scepter, holding Victory on a globe. An eagle below with a wreath in its beak. EXE: TSE (Thesalonica)

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elverno; 340 Constantius II, Group 1 Ancients



I own exactly one ancient and am not certain of this identification.

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ccg - Aurelian AE Antoninianus c. 270-275, Group 1 Ancients





Sol with two captives


Sol (the Sun God) was one of the more popular pagan gods in the 3rd century, and is featured on a number of pieces until about 310 AD. His birthday (December 25) was later adopted by Christians to also be the birthday of Jesus (Christmas).

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ccg - Diocletian AE Follis c. 301-305, Group 1 Ancients





Genius of the Roman People


A half-dollar sized billon coin issued after Diocletian's edict of 301 which was an attempt at economic and monetary reform. This type was issued by several emperors and caesars.

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ccg - Philip I AR Antoninianus c. 244-249, Group 1 Ancients




ROMA AETERNAE ("Eternal Rome")

Rome (allegory) seated left, holding victory and sceptre, shield below


Roman coins depicting seated figures inspired later designs such as Britannia in Britain and the Seated Liberty in America.

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