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WTB: Zambia 50 Kwacha from 1991 in Unc

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Title says it all. I am looking for an UNC Zambian 50 kwacha p33 from 1991. It is not the seated fish eagle but the flying fish eagle with the butterfly obv. I can't seem to find one on the bay so I am turning to you guys for one, or any hints of where to purchase one. Thanks in advance.

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Thanks Nutmeg, I guess I should have updated this because I finally got one a few weeks ago. It was something like $15ish I think, not sure off hand. This thread can be closed if any admins wonder by. :ninja:

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Hey someone else is nutmeg? I joined in Sept. 2007 with the name nutmeg. At least you are from good old Connecticut.

Anyway I have for sale a 2002 Uncirculated Zambia One Thousand Kwacha in a Littleton display holder. The coin is .925 silver and weighs 31.104 gms. Obverse is Queen Elizabeth ll and reverse is David Livingstone. Price $21 shipped.


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