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1804 Coronation of Napoleon 14mm Jeton(unlisted?)

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Obv.. Bust of Napoleon/ NAPO LEON

Rev. Winged & crowned anchor with a heart/ DAS BESTE/ IETON

Undated but presumably for the coronation in 1804. Just 14mm made of bronze but encrusted & a slight amount of verdigris below the anchor.


In my opinion;

The winged anchor symbolizes, I will be there in your time of need or I was there in your time of need, also for stability.

The crown is for the coronation of Napoleon as Emperor.

The heart for his courage and perhaps also his love of France.

DAS BESTE = THE BEST in german, so obviously german in origin.


Any info welcomed.

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I've got a couple of inquiries out. Couldn't find it in the usual places... Nice piece.


Thank you Vern for making inquiries, much appreciated, hope they bear fruit. It looks like the jeton had been buried in the ground, so likely a metal-detector find considering how small it is, 14mm. It also has what could be plough marks on the heart.

I like the stylized wings in flight, they are very different to the droopy wings shown on the second jeton, which are the type more commonly depicted.


Thanks Drusus the second jeton could well be a Lauer piece.

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I found this image on a "BibliOdyssey" site (link) --





Fabianus Athyrus, Stechbuchlein (1654) --an emblem book.


Translation of verse:

"Hope leads me from earth toward heaven,

The hope that never lets one come to ruin."

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Well, Constanius, the meaning seems pretty clear to me.


"Your memory, dear, stays with me ever

Like a mangy sheep stepping on my heart."



(Later edit): No, really, I asked a colleague in German and she proposed this translation:


Oh, I am, believe me, a true lamb (a lamb with the characteristics of a lamb)

(I am) not afraid of people, (I am not) a wild animal and (I am not) crude; (I am) patient, tender and gentle.


But I still like my translation better. :ninja:

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If you Google "anchor heart" you get lots of references to early Christian symbolism where the anchor--with its cross-like top bar-- was used to represent hope and faith. Common interpretations of anchor/heart/cross are that the trio represent hope, love and faith, in that order (i.e., faith/hope/love, as in St Paul).


Here's a figure from a tombstone --


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I love to learn about new (to me) and interesting web sites. Thanks.


Oh yeah, the jetons are great too.

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