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Low grade coins


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got some myself, they have thier own beauty though


do i win?


Yikes! This one look like it's been through a war. Yeah, I definitely say this one wins, or is at least a runner up. :ninja:

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Here are a few of my low grade coins

1857 10 china cash coin



Hi 'Corina'. Actually as far as these coins go, this is actually above average grade. These coins were cast, rather than struck, so these are often found in much lower grade than what you listed. Thanks for sharing.

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Hi Everyone,


Here is some of my "worns":


3 kreuzer, denomination can still be read, mint mark also. There is something like bullet mark on it. I graded this to Good.




1 kreuzer, it is not easy to identify the mint mark ("B"), nor the date (1862)




I found this coin in the dust at the feet of the Acropolis in Athens. Corroded a bit. 5 lepta from 1894, you would not guess that this is a Cu-Ni coin!



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