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Welcome! And by Pa. I assume you mean the tiny nation of Palau! :ninja:


What do you collect?


Hi, actually Trout Run, Pennsylvania. As far as collecting, pretty much any coins that are old or unusual. Was just going through some Roosevelt dimes, and found two errors. Both are 2006P with back of head hair errors. One is so obvious, you can see it with the naked eye. Getting ready to look at some nickels now. I really like pennys the best, I guess. Especially wheatbacks.

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Hello and welcome to CoinPeople. We have a lot of folks here who collect US Moderns. There's a nice thread about Roosevelt dimes you might want to read.


Post Your Roosevelt Dimes

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Welcome to CoinPeeps! There's an amazing diversity of collecting interests here and plenty of folks who share their expertise freely. We look forward to your knowledge as well. :ninja:

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