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Merry Christmas post a "Christmas Coin"

Mark Stilson

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Now this is easier then ya think. It can have a wreath, a tree, any you might associate with Christmas. (Indian head cents, state quarters with trees, like I said you can make it as easy as you want, or more obscure as you want.)



1 DENAR coin 1584 King Rudolf II Madonna and child



France 5 francs 1876 Paris mint denoted by the A the privy marks bee is for Director Renouard deBussiere 1860 thru 1879 and anchor is for the engraver general Albert-Desire Barre 1855 to 1878




so called anonymous folles, since nothing on the coin gives any information about the emperor who issued it. This one was issued by Nicephorus III Botaniates (1078-1081), Sear 1889



1763 1 Poltura Obverse Maria Theresa Reverse Madonna and child Minted in Kremnitz, Hungary 1763 Maria Theresa Born 1717 A.D., Archduchess of Austria and Queen of Hungary and Bohemia, 1740-80 A.D.

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Anyone interested in a nice Christmas ham?




Wishing everyone at Coin People a very Merry Christmas!



:ninja:;);) Merry Christmas.

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