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Silver 1/4 ruble (polupoltinnik)


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Silver 1/4 ruble coins were fairly common, as the Russians minted such 1/4 ruble coins ever since Peter I. However, to find one in a decent grade nowadays will prove to be really hard or rather even impossible to do so unless you put in some quality time looking for it and pure luck at times.


Here is an illustration of Elizabeth's I 1/4 ruble coins. Thank god there are not much varieties of this coin, except for mintmaster marks.


Minted by the Moscow mint denoted as "MMD", Moscow minted coins are not too fairly common as they minted very irregularly and Saint Petersburg did most of the job in striking all sorts of coins.





The edge of this coin is a slanted corruglated edge.


I am probably extremely lucky to get hold of this coin. It is in almost XF condition considering it's age of more than 250 years old. Just a bit of scratches here and there and a die crack on the Elizabeth side, which is not supposed to be THAT common, I guess I am way too lucky. ;)


Enjoy. :ninja:

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