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Buffalo Nickel /Error & No Date??


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I wonder if this may be a mint error,It has no date that I can find either,The metal on the Rev. is so rough it actually might cut ya.LoL When I first found it,I didn't know such error's existed so I thought someone superglued it or something,Because I have 2 nickel's bonded together,I am sure by glue but I've tried everything to get them apart! and can't! but it does flake off I think,but this Buffy doesn't! :ninja:



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So I don't understand. Do you have two nicks bonded together? If not, then I think its plain old wear. Just a LOT of it.

Oh,I am sorry,I must have confused you,I have 2 bonded together but this buffalo one isn't,it's just a mint error I think?? Or trying to figure out what it is! :ninja:

Ya gotta look over me,I'm all hillbilly....LoL

Oh and also,I don't think it's wear and tear Because of the texture I guess,it is rough and dug out sorta on the rev and the obv is slick...it is literally sharp on the rev. when you rub it! Tho I'd trust you guy's judgement before mine....LoL

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