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Hi, I noticed that the country Liechtenstein, also uses the currency of swiss francs.


My question please - What is the mark, or any mark on the swiss coins that would indicate it is for use in Liechtenstein?

I would like to collect that one. Thank you! :ninja:

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Until WW-I Liechtenstein was closely aligned with the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and struck some coins using that system (1 Liechtenstein krone = 1 Austro-Hungarian korona). After WW-I they decided to align economically with Switzerland, and adopted the rappen/franc system. They struck some early silver and gold coins on that model, but the most practical thing was simply to accept Swiss coinage as legal tender. On occasion they struck some gold commemoratives.


So as far as I know there is nothing on a Swiss coin to indicate that it is for use in Liechtenstein. All the Liechtenstein coins struck for circulation are fairly scarce as the mintages were quite small. The gold coins in particular usually sell for a hefty premium over melt value.

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:ninja: thank you sturzny, that would mean I look for Liechtenstein coins year dates BEFORE world war one. yes, now the objective is becoming clear. ;)
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