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FUN Show is coming.


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The FUN Show is coming to Orlando . I'm planning to be there on Friday and Saturday.


I'll be going to the PCGS Luncheon on Friday and the NGC Luncheon on Saturday.


Here's the Schedule for Meetings/Auctions and such.


FUN Show


I might try to hit a few meetings like EAC and Fly-In. But I will definitely spend a few hours roaming the exhibits. They're one of the highlights of the show - IMHO.


Have FUN and see you there?

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Im in Pa Art and snowed in today mate , who knows what itll be like come January.On the other hand itll still be too far , i holidayed there 2 summers ago Art and loved it , not so much Orlando but i started at the Fla/Ga border having come down the I95 from Phillie , stopped at St Augestine , Vero Beach , Miami , and a few other lesser known beaches.Theres definately something about swimming in the sea in mid febuary stopping only to text pictures back to your old workplace in Scotland..ya know.

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