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Indonesia Banknote, How much it worth??


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  • 1 year later...

161 - 5 April 1895

Number of issued notes: unknown

Watermark: "Javasche Bank" and two times the number "5" on right and left side

Penal law text in 4 languages on reverse updated with dates 1866, 1870 and 1872

a. issued, serial number: 2 characters, 5 numbers (first number always 0); e.g., IV 0xxxx or KY 0xxxx,

signatures: Groenenveld (President), H.P.J. van den Berg (Secretary), contra mark in lower right

corner on reverse

b. issued, like a, but cancelled with stamps "VERNIETIGD" (destroyed) on obverse

c. issued, like a, but cancelled with perforation "NIETIG BT"

d. unfinished (no serial number, signatures and contra mark)

e. unfinished, like d, but with specimen overprint

f. proof (no serial number, signatures and contra mark), on various paper types and sometimes only

printed on obverse

161a - from a private collection

The value of the note???? I think you have to ask an auctionhouse. I will ask for you in Holland.

With friendly regards,


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My catalogue for this note (10 years old now) lists the note and it's bretheren in other denominations, but as for price, there is only the dash - . This indicates that there is no reletively recent history of it's being bought/sold and no price can therefore be obtained from estimates of those transactions. Your note may indeed be rare, but the word "Rare" was not denoted in my particular catalog.


I agree that to ascertain the value, you should have an auction house which specializes in currency (such as Heritage Auctions) give you an estimate. This would only be an estimate based on like sales of similar notes, and the actual price of an auction may be higher or lower than their estimate.

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