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I need help in ID ing Roman coin


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I've looked at hundreds of pages of pictures of ancient coins in various ancient coins sites with no luck. I've checked out Imperialcoin.com and Forvms and ancient-coins.com. I have not been able to match it with anything.


Not knowing anything of ancient coins, the coins of Moesia Inferior appears to me to most resemble the style of this coin.


This coin was bought as a collection of other various U.S coins and gold and silver bullion. It is about the same diameter as a penny.


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.





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c. 350 AE3/4 Fel Temp Reparatio, Emperor at prow of ship, holding victory (captive behind?). Obverse is pretty well worn, but probably Constantius II.


BTW, Your second link btw has an extra http in it, so it doesn't link properly.


fixed: http://www.flickr.com/photos/22435386@N05/...323336/sizes/l/


Also, welcome to coinpeople!

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To add to / amend my original comments, I think it's Victory behind the emperor and not a captive, and that the "thing" that the emperor is holding can be either a phoenix (as on my example), or a smaller Victory.

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