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Hammered James Vl question

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Ill do just that , its auction pics today but im pretty sure by next week itll be better pics , i kinda liked having auld Langshanks in my Dansco facing the Scots page,he was lonely though by his wee silver penny self so im adding some of his buddies to join him , no real rhyme or reason yet , they are just beautiful to have.

With the links provided ill slow down and learn more cos now i need something on the Scots page to rival the Henry Vl coin , im really pretty pleased with that one.

Of course its entirely possible these were listed incorrectly , they might not be what i think they are , i wouldnt really know..time to hit the books..i know

Any comments appreciated :ninja:









Interesting guys having read a little on each , both murdered ..sign o the times eh ? Can i ask the knowledgable though , is it an Edward ll right enough ? Im pretty convinced the other is Henry Vl

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